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Roving Entertainment

Roving moves in and around your guests, it's not a stop and watch show.
Roving is best used for upon arrival to engage with guests, set the tone for the event and add the initial wow factor. It can also be used for very large events throughout such as trade shows, community events & festivals.

We were proud to provide all of the roving acts for Emerge winter festival (plus 2 feature shows) for Monash city council. This 5 day event saw the community come together in large numbers for the first time in years and was a huge success.

We are in our tenth year year providing Christmas rovers for Crown Casino and are very happy to say that we work closely with numerous councils to activate public spaces with unique roving talent.

fresh roving.png

Mirror performers 

Mirror performers work well in all time slots. They catch the sun beautifully as well as evening lighting. There are 3 available, 2 female and 1 male. 2 Helmets and 1 TV head. They can be coupled with LED spinning, skating or hip hop dance performance. This act has been the most popular in 2022/2023. 

Emerge 8.jpg
LED mirror robots
Disco Divas

Stilt Walkers

Always a hit! Perfect for welcoming guests, large festivals the wow moment! So many costumes available, or we can create one to suit your event. 

stilt butterflies

Roller Skaters 

Our Roller Skaters are professional dancers who have been trained to skate. We have continued our commitment to quality continuing on our success of Australia's Got Talent grand final. All roller skaters are impectably costumed and styled by Fresh. 

waitress VRC.JPG

Hula Hoopers 

Everyone loves to hoop, (or try to). Hooping translates to all events and audiences. For family style events they bring extra hoops for guests to have a go. For hig eend events LED hoops are a great option, always costumed with a Fresh touch! 

hoop cont.JPG
active hoop.JPG



It's just not a circus without a juggler! Balls, clubs, rings even tennis balls! Featured at so many events Jugglers are always a hit. 

Roving Characters

We have an unlimited array of costumes & characters to meet & greet your guests, set the vibe of your event or roam your festival to engage and entertain. Steam Punk, 20's, Lolly Ladies, Spy Sheep, Pirates, Sailors, Showgirls, fighter pilots, whatever you dream, we can make it happen. 


Various Specialty  Acts

There are so many other acts that are available, please just ask. Lollypop Lyra is a great option for aerial without rigging, contortionists to blow your mind, fire spinners, partner adagio (lifts, throws, standing on shoulders etc), a cheer stunt team, break dancers, bubbles, pop up disco and more!

F Circus.PNG
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